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The lake created for photography; Işıklı
Cenk Gençdiş
Small town, mountains, beautiful people; Dhulikhel
Cenk Gençdiş
There is a lake that has been presented as a new discovery (!) on social media in recent months. The image of a boat slowly moving among the blooming water lilies on the lake was shared on many accounts on social media, and it was announced with the words "There is such a lake in Turkey." However, this lake is a place where we have been able to visit many times for many years and study many different photography subjects and techniques...
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I have shared photo tips from different parts of Nepal, which I have visited many times since 2009, in previous issues. In these posts, I tried to convey to you the big cities, temples and squares. In this issue, we are in Nepal again... However, this time we will pursue photography in a small town... In Dhulikel, one of the points we go to to watch the Himalayan range during our Nepal trips, the people and portrait studies we do especially in the small town are very enjoyable with the warm approach of friends from Dhulikel...
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OM System 12-40mm F2.8 PRO II Review
The most difficult aspect of travel photography is encountering a different photographic subject under different conditions at every moment. In addition to the difficulties of traveling, many decisions regarding photography need to be made quickly. Choosing the right lens to create the most impressive composition is also an important decision, along with preferences such as light measurement, White Balance, shutter speed and aperture.
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The smaller and more compact structure of mirrorless cameras compared to DSLR bodies allows them to be carried easily both in daily use and during travels, and thanks to the fact that they are produced with the latest technology, they can also be used successfully in many photography subjects.
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